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Natural Treatment For Removing Wrinkles On Faces

Posted by Damar Lantera on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wrinkles on the face are not dangerous at all, and it is a natural thing, especially for those over 40 years old, but for some women who demand perfection in appearance, they always want to look beautiful in appearance. The effect of the line / scratch on the skin is not there at all, just possible to make your confidence level decreases.

Then can the fine lines / scratches or wrinkles in the face disguised or if it can be removed ??
          The answer "CAN"
How to remove wrinkles on the face with natural ingredients without any side effects?
What natural ingredients are needed and can be used to treat the face especially to disguise wrinkles?

Do not worry, all problems always have a solution, follow this article until the end to end, we will describe "how to remove wrinkles on the skin naturally without side effects against skin".
  • First is utilizing aloe vera content
  • The second is to use a natural egg white mask
  • Third is to use a mask of rice water wash rice
  • Fourth, using a forest honey mask
  • Fifth, facial treatment with olive oil
  • Sixth, a traditional mask with green tea ingredients
Remove Wrinkles With Aloe Vera Mask
As you know very much the benefits of aloe vera for facial beauty treatments, as evidenced by the many beauty products that use this ingredient as its main composition, yups ,, one of the benefits of aloe vera is to eliminate wrinkles, it is true, and has been proven. Aloe vera contains any ingredients ?? already discussed, and there in our article yesterday, you can click here.

Here is a tutorial on how to remove fine lines on the face with aloe vera mask:
  1. provide 1 - 2 aloe vera as the main ingredient
  2. split aloe vera
  3. Apply gel to aloe vera meat on your face
  4. let stand for 15 - 30 minutes
  5. do regularly, periodically
  6. note: for best results, do it at night after all activities are done and you will rest
          Feel your own skin back tighten and always awake elasticity, the skin becomes bright white shine, black spots also resolved, and certainly the wrinkles on the face will gradually fade until it is completely invisible, cool and cool the relaxing effect of aloe vera on the face can You feel yourself.

          Excess white egg mask in removing fine lines / fine strokes / wrinkles on facial skin:
          Egg whites contain many mineral substances needed by the skin, there is also the protein, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients that nourish the skin, its benefits to maintain its firmness, so if you regularly use a face mask of egg whites, I guarantee your face will tight and avoid wrinkles on the face, but there are unpleasant effects that are heard from egg whites, egg whites are very fast in overcoming wrinkles on the face, but only temporarily. So when you stop for long periods of time, wrinkles will appear again.
          But you can choose some of the natural ingredients that we give you in this article as another solution.

          Here's how to make a face mask from egg whites !!
          • first give eggs and two containers
          • separate white and egg yolk
          • clean the egg yolk with a brush or can also with the hand if not, make a face mask, massage and clean evenly to every part of the face.
          • do it regularly every day
          Benefits of the most powerful egg white mask is restoring skin firmness, removing black spots on the face due to acne scars, whiten the face naturally, helping the skin cell regeneration process.

          Facial mask from the rice water wash deposition to remove wrinkles on facial skin
          Wrinkles on the face are easily visible on the forehead, forehead and eyelids. I think the natural ingredients of rice water are the most effective, quick in overcoming wrinkles. Traditional ingredients to naturally take care of the face has been around since time immemorial and is still a secret for those who do not yet know it.

          rice rice sediment contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and other mineral minerals. the benefits of a rice soaked rice sediment mask that looks soft like tapioca wet, but in fact very high efficacious for skin health and beauty. The benefits of this natural mask include:
          - shrink the skin pores
          - Overcome the black stain on the face
          - remove wrinkles on the face, slowly disguise them until they disappear unseen
          - as a natural antioxidant
          - tighten facial skin
          - soften and brighten the face
          - keeps you looking young

          actually very much benefit from this rice cucia deposition. How to make and wear it as a natural face mask ???

          When you rinse the rice, hold the rinse water, especially for the first washing water until the third. accommodate on the container and leave for 1-2 hours until the rice wash water settles. After 1 or 2 hours, pee and look at the bottom there will be a sediment like wet tapioca, shaped like a sticky but sticky night cream, that's what you'll use as a powerful natural ingredient to remove wrinkles on the face.
          • - wipe the rice sediment evenly, while massaging your face
          • - leave for 15 - 30 minutes
          • - To wait 15 - 30 minutes You can lie down, or relax, which is important do not move your face, so that the content of the substance in the sediment is perfect on the skin.
          • - after it finishes at the time you specify, wash your face clean, and do not rub it, just wash and rinse thoroughly.
          • - try to reflect, look and feel the difference, it will be faster and effective if you do it every day, which is better to do at night after all activities are finished
          Things That Cause Fast Wrinkles On The Face Appear
          The main thing must be age, I have explained the wrinkles on the face appear along with the age of someone, so this is unavoidable and will happen to everyone.

          Then why there are women who do not have wrinkles, and always look beautiful, graceful and youthful ??

          That's because they do the right facial care, healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, regular exercise and fulfilled the body's need for water.

          REMEMBER "everything is interconnected ,,,,,
          example "because of the lack of water consumption, the skin becomes hydrated and will quickly sag, the second example due to lack of exercise, make you fat, reduced skin firmness and appear wrinkles on the face.

          Wrong in using cosmetics "is already much discussed, many of the women rely on cosmetics for expensive skin care treatments, but do not know what is inside, where most of them become boomerang for yourself.

          The wrong pattern of life "is also a frequent problem, bad habits that are always repeated and become repetitive, what to avoid ?? the first is staying up, smoking, alcohol, it becomes the main cause of the problem on the skin.

          Thanks for reading & sharing Damar Lantera

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