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15 benefits orthosiphon aristatus or cat whiskers

Posted by Damar Lantera on Saturday, June 2, 2018

Blog damarlantera back to review the benefits of herbal plants typical of Indonesia is a cat whiskers plant, or that have another name orthosiphon aristatus, well this plant is one medicinal plant that has high efficacy and is a multi-benefit plant for the treatment of various diseases. Diseases that can be treated with plants cat whiskers are as follows:
  • 1. Leaves cat whiskers to treat inflammation of the kidney
  • 2. Leaves cat's whiskers as a natural rheumatic remedy
  • 3. Whisker cat for natural treatment of gout
  • 4. Leaves cat whiskers to treat bladder stones
  • 5. Leaves cat whiskers for natural treatment of diabetes
  • 6. Whisker cat for natural remedy for syphilis
  • 7. Leaves cat whiskers to treat hypertension
  • 8. Whisker cat for allergic itchy medication
  • 9. Natural constipation drugs
  • 10. The benefits of cats whiskers plant to treat back pain
  • 11. Leaves cat whiskers to treat albuminuria naturally
  • 12. Leaves cat whiskers as a natural whitish remedy
  • 13. Leaves cat whiskers to treat cough
  • 14. Cat whiskerst to overcome the problem of colds
  • 15. Benefits of cat's whiskers leaves to launch urinary expenditure

What makes a cat whiskers plant so useful and useful in treating various diseases ?? at a glance there must be such a question in your mind, and I already know it. The benefits of cat whiskers in overcoming various diseases can not be separated from the efficacy of the content of the cat's whiskers. Cat whiskers contain chemical substances such as essential oils, sinensetin, tannins, saponins, and potassium which are claimed as natural healers of various types of diseases.

This plant has a variety of names or names such as java tea (English), has a giri-giri marah name if on the island of sumatra, if in central Java the name is remujung, this herb is also known as kidney plant, I think it can not be separated from the efficacy and benefits of cats whiskers as a natural remedy for kidney disease . If in madura this name is very unique once the songot koneng, cat whiskers or orthosiphone cats originated from Africa itself but spread to australia and Indonesia, herbal plants useful as medicine various diseases found in many places in Indonesia, because many planted on the ground as an ornamental plant, parks and forests are not hard to find.

This plant itself includes family Lamiaceae / Labiatae. cat whiskers which in fact as this medicinal plant has characteristic traits that are easy to recognize, this plant grows upright and has a wet stalk with a purplish color and white flowering, the shape is also exactly how the whiskers in the cat, I think you will easily multiply if you find it in the forest or anywhere, because of its unique shape like a cat's whiskers, then the name that many call or known by the public that is cat's whiskers

How to make a natural herbal ingredients from cat whiskers to treat various diseases  :

The benefits of cat's whiskers for the treatment of urinary stones

Kidney stones or urinary stones are hard masses just like rocks, and the presence is right on the urinary tract. The disease is usually obstruction, metaplasia, and the presence of abdominal pain, the genital area, can also be on the ribs and surrounding areas. If this happens then there will be pain, bleeding, urinary blockage, or infection.

The symptoms of this disease are  :
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bleeding in the urine
  • Fever and chills
  • The onset of severe pain that disappears in the area between the ribs and the lumbar bone, which extends to the abdomen, the pubic area and inner thighs.
  • Abdomen bulging

The main prevention of kidney stones or bladder stones:
get into the habit of drinking plenty of water, just need the body for water, stay away from the supplement drink, for you coffee lovers, should drink lots of lots of water.

How treatment
  • how to make a traditional herb cat whiskers to treat kidney stones:
  • provide 90 grams of fresh cat whiskers, wash thoroughly
  • provide 1 cup water
  • then boil the cat's whiskers with water until the water is only ½ cup.
  • Drink the concoction 3 times a day.

How to make a herbal concoction of a cat whiskers plant to treat gout

Disease caused by excessive consumption of purine substances, and the kidneys are unable to remove the purine substance from the body, causing excessive uric acid in our bodies so uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints. so it seems like a brief explanation that led to the disease of uric acid causing pain in the joints like joints of toes, joints, knees, elbows, wrists, and heels, sometimes swelling, inflammation, reddish in the joints, and easy to see symptoms that usually happen when we wake up, especially early in the morning

Traditional way of treating gout with a cat's whiskers is as follows   :
  • Take 4 to 5 sheets of cat whiskers and freshly grown leaves
  • 1 cup water
  • Boil all the ingredients until water is only ½ cup.
  • Drink the concoction at least 3 times a day.

Leaves cat whiskers to treat rheumatism

Such as gout, rheumatism also attacks the joints, and rheumatism also attacks muscles, and tendons. Rheumatic disease is not known for certain, but rheumatism is allegedly caused by several factors, such as genetic factors, due to hormonal changes, and other causes is due to infection caused by the virus

Rheumatic treatment with cat whiskers aims to reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, and maintain the function of the joints in order to remain in good and normal state.

Then what is the symptom of rheumatic disease ??
there are some symptoms that are easily recognizable to rheumatism such as muscles become weak, joints feel stiff, the sound of the joints when moved, the joint feels shaky, the presence of nodules or lumps, pain in the limbs, but it can also occur seizures and contractions in muscles , changes in body shape, and of course disruption of joint function

Traditional medicine for reducing muscle pain due to rheumatism:
provide 5 pieces of cat's whiskers
add a few leaves meniran
wash thoroughly
boiled with 3 glasses of water (200cc x 3 = 600cc)
drink potions of cat whiskers three times a day (once drink ½ half glass)

Leaves cat whiskers to treat hypertension naturally

As for how to treat hypertension, are :
  • Boil 50 gr leaves of dry cat whiskers with enough water.
  • Poured 50 gr leaves of wet cat's whiskers with hot water
  • Mix the two herbs, then drink a glass of 1 cup a day.
What is hypertension or high blood pressure? it means the blood fluid in the body is very strong pressing the arteries and the more blood is pumped into the heart and the arteries narrow so that blood pressure will increase.

Symptoms of Hypertension  :
  • Headache / dizziness
  • There was a nosebleed
  • The face becomes reddish
  • Feeling tired
Prevention of hypertension (high blood)  :
  • Expand the consumption of vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Regular exercise
  • Reduce consumption of foods containing salt
  • Avoid stress
Treating constipation naturally with cat's whiskers

What is constipation? yups .. constipation is a disease of indigestion, the difficulty of bowel movements caused by the hardening of the stool.

There are some symptoms of constipation, among others   :
  • The stomach feels heavy
  • Appetite disappears
  • Difficult and painful when defecating
  • Vertigo
  • Cramps in the abdominal muscles
  • Frequent gas or fart
  • Nausea
The cause of constipation, among others, is due to lack of fibrous foods, can be caused by the habit of taking laxatives, poor diet, hormonal changes, irregular bowel movements.

To overcome constipation with the cat's whiskers are as follows, The first is to boil a few leaves of cat's whiskers with a glass of water, let it to boiling, and after a cold drink boiled water leaves the cat's whiskers.

To help overcome constipation can follow the tips below:
  • Expand to eat fruit
  • Regular exercise
  • A lot of fibrous food consumption
  • Drink plenty of water
Treat itching due to allergies with cat whiskers

To overcome the allergic itching with cat's whiskers is as follows:
Prepare each ½ handful of cat's whiskers leaves, soto leaves and leaves meniran.
2 fingers temulawak
4 glasses of water
Way of processing: All the ingredients boiled until the remaining 2 cups only, then drink the concoction 2 times a day each 1 cup.

Leaf cat whiskers as a natural remedy albuminuria

Albuminuria disease is one type of illness characterized by albumin in the urine. Diseases caused by damage to the kidney filters such as nephritis, urinary tract infections and at high fever may also result in this disease also caused by nephrotic syndrome, other causes of albuminuria are hypertension and heart failure, including heavy exercise,

The treatment of this disease is by treating the underlying disease or the cause of albiminuria. for example, albuminuria disease caused by hypertension, then to treat is to lower blood pressure.

nah to lower high blood pressure or hypertension can be done with natural treatment with cat whiskers, and it has been discussed earlier.

Handful of cat whiskers can overcome leucorrhoea / flour albus

Whitish or flour albus is one of the problems that is common to women, the cause of fluor albus is due to the presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. Whitish disease is divided into 2 types, namely   :
  • Pathological vaginal discharge, this disorder occurs due to infection, usually accompanied by itching in the vagina and the area around the vagina outside.
  • Physiological discharge, this disorder occurs before or after menstruation. Or it could be in the fertile period of a woman. This happens every month.

How to treat leucorrhoea with the leaves of a cat's whiskers   :
  • 1 handful of fleabane marsh leaves
  • 1 handful of cat's whiskers
  • 1 teaspoon of black cumin
  • 10 cubes seeds
  • Enough water

How to make it  :
first wash the leaves of cat's whiskers, fleabane marsh leaves, unite and boil all ingredients until boiling, then drink the concoction at least 2 times a day.

How to treat cough with leaf material cat whiskers

Coughing is one of the most common diseases and almost everyone has experienced it, especially when weather changes from the rainy season to the dry season and vice versa. The cause of cough is due to dust, allergies, germs as well as something that stimulates the mucous membranes, sometimes cough accompanied by fever, and is characterized by itching in the throat

Based on the symptoms of cough is divided into several types
  • cough with phlegm
  • dry cough
  • cough asthma
  • bronchitis
  • whooping cough

Lots of drugs to cure diseases of cough, both drugs sold dipasara. In addition, many natural remedies are able to treat cough effectively and quickly one example is the leaves of this cat whiskers, there are also betel leaf and other natural herbal ingredients.

The traditional way to treat a cough with the natural ingredients of cat's whiskers  :
  • provide 15-20 g of fresh cat whiskers
  • wash the leaves of cat's whiskers or orthosiphon aristatus until clean
  • provide one glass of water (200 -300cc)
  • boiled until boiling
  • drink 3 times a day, each as much as one glass

Many benefits and benefits of plants and leaves of cat whiskers, there are still many reviews about the benefits of this herb that we have not described in this blog, maybe next time we will write on this blog. Various processing of leaf cat's whiskers such as herbal medicine, made into tea, processed water from cat whiskers and others. For this article we must first get here, next time we will continue to complete it, thank you for visiting, hopefully useful article.

Thanks for reading & sharing Damar Lantera

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