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Here is the secret of betel leaf and its benefits for health and beauty

Posted by Damar Lantera on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

It is common knowledge that betel leaf is a very efficacious herb and much sought after in the world of medicine and beauty. All that can not be separated from the efficacy of the content of the betel leaf and the benefits are so complete.

Betel is one of the most nutritious herbs ever known by humans, the plant has saponins, tannins, eugenol and various essential oils. In Indonesia, betel leaves are not only used for medicine, betel leaves are also used for traditional ceremonies in welcoming guests, or celebrations, and many other traditional ceremonies that use this plant.

Back to the main problem about betel leaf as a traditional medicine, the question "why betel leaf is very famous in the world of medicine? it is a very easy question to answer, "it is because of the nature of this plant, betel leaf is known for its anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and cooling properties, not limited to the surface of the body. So not only as an external medicine, betel leaves can also be consumed either by eaten, or boiled and the benefits will be felt by the organs of the body.
Scientific classification  :
Binomial name    :    Piper betle
Order                   :    Piperales
Genus                  :    Piper
Family                 :    Piperaceae
Kingdom             :    Plantae
(not included) Magnoliidae
Species                :    P. betle
We should be grateful to the universe, it is because the universe has given what we need, one example is this betel leaf. Plants are very easy to find, but have amazing magical benefits to keep our health. How do we thank? many ways, call it by taking care of and preserving nature, cultivating this plant, and there are many other ways to show we care about this life.

Betel leaf is widely used for various disease treatments, and used for natural beauty treatments. Consider the following benefits of the betel leaf and how it is processed   :

benefits of betel leaf for whitish

common problems that occur among women this can be overcome with betel leaf, as evidenced by the number of special products to overcome the whitish problem made from betel leaf. the way is by boiling the betel leaf, the first we drink water boiled betel leaves, then reserve also to wash the intimate area

To treat swollen teeth and gums naturally

to treat toothache or swollen gums with betel leaf is very easy, the way is by gargling with boiled water (for this part is more effective by using the type of green betel)

Treat sore throat

Symptoms experienced by inflammation are the incidence of discomfort in the throat, especially when swallowing food. This inflammatory problem can also be treated by boiling 4 to 5 pieces of betel leaves using 2 glasses of water. Boil until boiling and only one glass left. note: drink this one herbal medicine as much as 2 times a day.

Curing the Cough

Treating cough with natural ingredients betel leaf, this way has been inherited from antiquity, and now in the town there are still many who use this way as a natural cough medicine. To take advantage of betel leaf as a cough medicine you simply boil 5 pieces of betel leaf with 300 ml of water. Consumption of this one herbal medicine twice a day for the cough that you suffer can recover quickly.

Betel leaf to increase body metabolism

well, other betel leaf benefits that can increase the body's metabolism. This triggers circulation and stimulates the intestines to absorb important minerals and also nutrients. Dirt in the intestine will be removed easily through better sphincter performance. Better sphincter performance is also the result of stimulation caused by betel leaf. The role of antioxidants contained in betel leaf is to restore PH levels caused due to abdominal pain, so it can relieve constipation.

Benefits of betel leaf to stop nose bleeding
Only with 1 piece of betel leaf, treated nosebleeds. the way pengobatanya betel leaf rolled while pressed-press a little to get the oil out. How to use: used to clog a bloody nose.

Benefits of betel leaf to overcome acne and other skin problems

Many do not know if betel leaves have tremendous benefits in treating acne, black spots and treatment of other skin diseases. content of antimicrobial properties that exist in betel leaf that plays an important role in the fight against allergies, itching, ulceration of the skin even to body odor.

Treatment of peptic ulcers
how: Chew 1-2 pieces of red betel leaf, kulum for 10 minutes, then discarded. Perform at least 2 times a day. Red betel leaf and vitamin C content and anti-septic substances are able to fight germs that cause peptic ulcers.

Betel leaf as a natural medicine for diabetes

it is also one of the wonders of betel leaf, which contains anti-diabetic content such as folic acid, beta carotene, lutein, vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. By extracting the betel leaves can lower blood sugar levels naturally and effectively

Betel leaf for natural medicine high blood pressure

how to make: boiled betel leaves (this time used is a type of red betel), and mix with honey, drink 2 times a day. Why betel leaves can stabilize high blood pressure, it is because the content of essential oils and phenols in the leaves of betel

Cures Asthma

Other good news brought by betel leaves is able to cure asthma. Betel leaf is one of the excellent herbal remedies to cure and treat asthma.

To get the benefits of betel leaf this one you simply boil 4 to 5 pieces of betel leaf with 2 glasses of water. Boil until only one glass is left. after that, drinking water betel leaf boil this routine 2 to 3 glasses in a day.

Betel leaf to help speed up the process of healing burns naturally

There are many causes of skin burns, for example because of excessive exposure to the effects of sunlight, inmi commonly occurs in climbers or living in mountain areas, exposed to hot oil, exposed to motor exhaust, or exposed to iron and others.

To speed up the healing process, preventing infection and dampening the pain can make a natural remedy from betel leaves. That's all because the betel leaf has antiseptic content such as polyphenols and chavicols that are able to fight germs that cause pain. I think you already know, if some beauty soap containing antiseptic bahanya comes from where, yes that's right, almost most of the soap material comes from betel leaf.

There will be no end if we talk about the extraordinary benefits of betel leaf, for example by just chewing betel leaves, it can clean the mouth. This can prevent tooth decay, strengthen the gums and teeth, and prevent oral bleeding. Betel leaf can help refresh breath, protect from germs, bacteria, and other mouth disorders, Smooth urine, treat dengue, reduce body odor, natural uric acid remedy, Back pain medication, lumbago, muscle pain, can be treated by massaging the lower back with betel leaf oil combined

Betel is a native plant of Indonesia, and the most widely used is the leaves, the way of processing and the utilization is very diverse, but now already many health and beauty products that use betel leaf as the main ingredient.

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