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Benefits of Soursop Leaf Tea

Posted by Damar Lantera on Thursday, May 24, 2018

full review of the benefits, herbs and how to make a herbal soursop leaves

Today many people are looking for products from soursop leaf, soursop leaf use for treatment is made with various processed form, for example soursop leaf extract, soursop leaf tea, pill medicine, even people rarely make it themselves. Actually soursop leaf herbal tea has been widely used for treatment by natural means since ancient times, but after much research is done and the usefulness is known, the content and benefits of soursop leaves are well known, then people began to recognize it as an alternative treatment of high quality for health.

Not only soursop leaves that have high efficacy, the roots and trunk of soursop tree also has a very extraordinary benefits, this plant is known as an antidote to malignant cancer. but the simplest and easiest in making it by using the leaves, soursop leaf processing can be made into juice, tea potion, until eaten directly. But you know, any content that makes soursop leaves so phenomenal? refer to the reviews below:

  • Annomuricin
  • Annomuricin
  • Muricapentocin
  • Annohexocin
  • Vitamin B1
  • Linoleic acid
  • Anomurine
  • Vitamin C 
  • Acetogenins
  • Anonol
  • Caclourine
  • Annocatacin
  • Karbohidrat
  • Gentisic acid
  • Lruktosa
  • Vitamin B2
  • Gigantetronin

How to herbal soursop leaves for the treatment and prevention of disease  :

  • 1. pick the soursop leaves 5 - 10 sheets (choose middle-aged, not young - but not old, choose middle-aged ones), choose fresh ones, I think you know what I mean.
  • 2. wash the new soursop leaves in the picking is clean from the dirt
  • 3. prepare the pan (do not use the pan made of aluminum or iron directly, then what kind of pan? Well this is important too, use a pan that is covered with marble, melamine or can also use made of clay why is this important? ? next time we will discuss.
  • 4. Enter 4 cups of water on the pan, and light the fire, let it boil and reduce the water to a size of about 2 cups. If you want to make for more portion sizes, stay x2 just the size. (ex 5 pieces of leaves, 4 cups> 2 glasses) (can also 10 sheets of soursop leaf >> 8 glasses of water size 200cc >> and should be 4 cups when ripe)
  • kinda bitter ?? can add 1 teaspoon of honey, or low-calorie sugar that is suitable for diabetics.

The second way is to make it a herbal tea herb soursop leaves

Still the same as the last, the first is the selection of leaves. Choosing the right leaves becomes the key to success in this herbal treatment (choose fresh leaves, and not too old and not too young) choose the leaves are middle aged.

How to wash soursop leaves - soak leaves on containers containing clean water. Then cleaned again a sheet to ensure that the leaves are clean of dirt, dust, soil and other particles attached to the soursop leaves.

Slicing - for this stage you only need to keep the leaf of the laundry in the basket, no special basket You only need to use a basket with holes in the water to slice down.

Perajangan (cutting soursop leaves into small parts), for the size of chopping should be with a very small size to further accelerate the drying process of soursop leaves.

Drying - the recommended drying method is dried under the sun or for quick use of the oven. Usually using sunlight takes three to five days and during the drying process, the leaves must be turned back every 4 hours. How to dioven only takes 30 minutes with a temperature of 60 degrees. Both of these ways are suggested.

Storage - after the soursop leaves it is dry to save soursop leaf tea in place or clean container such as cans.

How to Serve Soursop Leaf Tea

Make tea from soursop leaves that have been dried easily. Here's how:
  • Put two teaspoons of dried soursop leaves into the teapot
  • Pour 200 cc of hot water into the teapot
  • Close the kettle and let stand for about five minutes
  • Pour into the cup and strain the tea leaves
  • Please drink when feeling bitter, add one teaspoon of honey

Some benefits of boiled water / soursop leaf tea for natural treatment
  • to lower high blood naturally
  • lower cholesterol
  • to prevent and additional treatment in curing tumors and cancer
  • to treat ulcer disease
  • as a natural diabetes remedy
  • to relieve back pain
  • to mebobati uric acid naturally
  • to help treat cyst diseases
  • to help proeses treatment of myoma disease
  • widen and spread blood circulation
  • as a viral and bacterial inhibitor
  • controls fungal and bacterial infections of the intestine
Soursop decoction water to lower bad cholesterol !!

As I mentioned earlier, soursop leaf tea or soursop decoction water is very effective in lowering cholesterol, and is regarded as having a very fast and efficient reaction. What makes it so effective in treating cholesterol is the high antioxidant content of soursop leaves.

Treat ulcer disease naturally with soursop leaf tea

Still struggling on the benefits of soursop leaves, this time we will let you know the benefits of soursop leaves to treat stomach ulcers or gastric inflammation. Initially the disease is considered trivial and the cause is also because of the trivial, but who would have thought to make patients sufferers feel pain, gastritis caused by poor diet so that the result of infection in the gastrointestinal tract.

Then how soursop leaves able to treat maag ??
To deal with ulcer disease in order not to cause serious health effects it would be better if immediate treatment.

Soursop leaves have anti-inflammatory properties (anti-inflammatory) or anti-inflammatory because it has anti-ulceritis compound in it. These compounds that play a role inhibiting the production of stomach acid, and as a natural protector of the stomach wall, another benefit is to kill the bacteria that cause infections in the gastrointestinal tract.

Treatment of high blood with boiled water soursop leaves / soursop leaf tea

Hypertension or high blood is one of the deadly diseases, because with the existence of this disease in the body of a person can generate heart attacks and strokes. Can high blood treated with natural way made from herbs without side effects? answer "CAN" by routinely eating soursop leaf tea.

Soursop juice tea water is highly recommended for people with hypertension or high blood disease, why? yes because of the above content, in soursop leaves contain high antioxidants that are able to neutralize free radicals in the blood.

Treating diabetes naturally by utilizing soursop leaf
Reported from various sources, it turns soursop leaf has a characteristic as a prevention of diabetes, by keeping blood glucose into the range in a more normal direction. As for the content of active ingredients that have a function as a natural healer in soursop leaves is named acetogenic, the benefits of ytiu to reduce blood sugar surge of diabetes mellitus patients.

Diabetes can be cured naturally with soursop leaf tea ... !!
Diabetes or diabetes or also known as sugar disease (dry sugar and wet sugar) the question "What substances / compounds that exist on soursop leaves so as to cure diabetes naturally ?? is that?

Soursop leaves also contain substances of methoeic streptozocin which is useful to trigger cells beta langerhans cells in the pancreas to produce insulin and other benefits that is to increase insulin sensitivity to blood sugar levels in diabet patient body.

That's some reviews about the benefits of soursop leaf for herbal treatment, while that's the first we can write in this article, we will always try to keep updating information about the efficacy of this soursop leaves. Thank you for reading the information we wrote, hopefully with this article we can help solve your problem.

Greetings Healthy And Prosperous Always

Thanks for reading & sharing Damar Lantera

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