Damar Lantera is a blog that we created with the aim to provide information about health, beauty and various ways of natural treatment. With this blog we hope that the information we provide can help you in solving a problem, which primarily is to maintain health and beauty care in a natural way.

What do you mean by natural means? so we mean the "natural way" is to take advantage of the properties and content that exist in herbs, fruits and vegetables. This blog (damarlantera.blogspot.com) written by me and my sister, What kind of writing is written? including the following:
  • - fruit benefit content for health and beauty
  • - vegetable content and benefits for health and beauty
  • - the content and benefits of herbs
  • - highly recommended health product reviews
  • - reviewed health book reviews
  • - natural beauty care tutorial
  • - etc
The main purpose of this blog is to provide information about the content of herbal plants in Indonesia and introduce it to the world. Provides information about the efficacy and content of the herbs, and how to treat them in order to be used for treatment and care for beauty.

We think it's pretty clear about the essence of this blog's information. If anything is unclear please just contact our contact on the profile page. Thank you

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