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Cassava To Treat Ulcer

Posted by Damar Lantera on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Damar Lentera, Reviewing the problem of herbal treatment with traditional ingredients. Times that will be discussed is the treatment of ulcer disease, ulcers, intestinal ulcers by utilizing the efficacy of cassava essence. It was not difficult to find a herbal remedy that is very efficacious and effective to cure chronic ulcers, bowel ulcers and peptic ulcers. This article is inspired by my personal experience.

Initially I complained of pain in the stomach, when pressed on the stomach is very sick, even to sitpun very difficult. Long story short, along with the increasing pain I feel in my stomach, take me to the hospital, and the result of the first diagnosis is "abdominal colic".

What is colic abdomen ?? which is the term used to describe a very severe pain in the abdomen, and for the cause can be several things, including distensi (tense), inflammation of the hollow organs of the body that have smooth muscle (intestine, gallbladder, kidney, etc.), blockage ( obstruction), etc.

Due to the cause of this abdominal pain can be several things, then the need for x-rays, and the results I was diagnosed with inflammation of the intestine.

Then the doctor asked, before your stomach ill eat what ??
         "I drink black coffee, and have not eaten ,, and the night I stayed up till morning, then drank beer

doctor "oh ,, then he wrote the recipe, and heal me.

However, the same resentment I repeat again, namely staying up and irregular eating patterns that eventually made me experience pain in the abdomen again. when relapse my neighbor said, try to treat with "quintessence of cassava", he said must be completely cured and finally I follow what he said, and to this day my inflammatory bowel disease never recur again, I recover completely, this article I dedicate to him.

Here's how to make herbal medicine / traditional medicine to cure peptic ulcers, bowel ulcers, and ulcer disease:
  • first, provide cassava 3 - 4 pieces
  • remove the skin and wash
  • grated cassava, (not in the blender)
  • then squeeze the water, and input  "quintessence of cassava" into the glass.
  • Lastly, drink "quintessence of cassava" 
  • drink the essence of this cassava 2-3 times a day, to drink the morning before meals.
Sure enough with the juice of cassava grated squeezed with routine mengonsumsinya, in just a few days I healed and until today no relapse again. Because that's the question arises in the mind, what exactly is the content in cassava, and why cassava can cure the disease in my stomach? after recovering and browsing here and there I finally know, cassava is very efficacious and useful in curing diseases such as stomach ulcers and ulcers. no wonder intestinal inflammation and gastric disease heal quickly.

how to taste from cassava juice ??
I am also confused about the taste, if the matter of translating taste, this seems to me, it's tasteless and fluid, but if I add palm sugar to have a sweet when in drinking.

To prevent stomach ulcers, colitis, stomach ulcers and other diseases that occur in the stomach, the first is to maintain a regular diet, and always eat healthy foods, because basically this disease occurs due to poor diet of the patient.

Examples I experienced, first due to stay up, and decreased appetite and the pleasure of coffee or soda consumption, if eating would be better if eating spicy - spicy, indeed in one day does not cause anything, but if you do this continuously and repeat that life cycle, I guarantee you will get sick, this is not swearing, but because it also happens to me.

Thanks for reading & sharing Damar Lantera

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