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natural drinks to relieve stress

Posted by Damar Lantera on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Pandan Leaf, Natural Remedy to Reduce Stress

Reduce the natural stress" that's our theme this time, at this meeting we will review the herbal drinks that are useful to reduce the stress of a person naturally. Stress is something commonplace in life and it can happen to anyone, stress no age, young elderly can experience this problem. stress is commonplace in life and can happen to anyone, no matter you are already full of life experience, and no matter how young you are, because stress can also occur in young people.

stress levels in different people different, this is because that causes stress of different people also the pressure. For example, stress caused by work stress, stress due to school exams, stress on a girlfriend and many other stressful causes, which is actually trivial but difficult to calm down and relax.

Then is there a simple thing we can do to reduce stress?
which makes the body and mind relax?
make your soul calm?

The answer "of course" you must have made a drink is not it? yups ,, i will tell you about herbal drink recipes are effective and powerful to relieve stress and make you relax.

First Recipe

Benefits of Pandan Leaves To Relieve Stress

In addition to having a fragrant aroma, pandan leaves can be used as a herbal remedy to relieve stress, this leaf has a relaxation properties that can make the mind become calm, tannin substances in pandan leaves that have an important role in reducing stress and cause peace in mind.

What are the side effects of pandan leaves?

Drinks from pandan leaves have good side effects for health, besides being used for food perisa, it turns out pandanus leaves have other benefits and benefits, and not many people know about this. They prefer treatment of stress treatment with drugs that cause side effects if consumed continuously and prolonged.

the benefits of a fragrant pandanus herbal beverage  :
  • refreshing the body
  • weakening nervous nerves
  • make the mind calm
  • pandan leaf drink is also very suitable for high blood pressure, due to one cause of high blood disease is the mind that makes a person experiencing severe stress, by drinking traditional herbal rhinese leaves boiled pandanus 2 times a day can mengabatu lower high blood pressure.
  • eliminating anxiety, worry and anxiety
  • overcome the job-induced depression, because the busy office or work that became the fruit of thought that makes the mind uncomfortable.
  • for those of you who are upset this drink is also suitable, this drink makes people become calm in thinking because the nature of the scent and content of the pandan leaves can be soothing, to be used as an aroma therapy for people who have trouble sleeping difficulties (insomnia).
  • drink drinks from pandanus during morning and evening 2 times a day, to nourish the body and overcome the stress / light weight.
How to make stress busting drink from pandan leaves ??

first, give 5-10 pandan leaves
then wash thoroughly
then boiled pandan leaves with 8 glasses of water
use a skillet of marble or melamine, or if you have a frying pan made of better clay. It is important not to use frying pan made of aluminum or iron directly.
pandan leaves boiled 8 cups to 4 cups.
after ripe and become 4 glasses, just enter enough sugar, according to your taste
until this process you have been able to get a distinctive and refreshing scent that can make the mind refreshed as reborn, due to the tannin relaxation effect on the pandan leaves.
drinking when warm or cold is the same, up to you.
The advantages of this herbal drink is "fast, easy and without side effects"

Pandan is easy to find and usually grow the home page, in addition to how to drink pandan leaves can also be used as aroma therapy, in exactly the same way as above, only after cooked boiled and ditarus digelas or container like bowl You just need to save the room, perfumes removed from pandanus useful for relaxation, can also be used as an additional medium for melukan meditation to calm the mind.

The content contained in pandan leaves are as follows  :

  • tannins
  • pigment
  • saponins
  • flavonoids
  • alkaloids
To help reduce high levels of stress, can be helped by doing the process of meditation. Perhaps you are wondering why this is highly recommended ,,?

to help speed up the relaxation process of the body and mind, it will help calm the mind, relieve anxiety, overcome excessive anxiety. Meditation has been around since time immemorial, and it is a legacy of science that is very useful for mental health, a lot of information on various websites and blogs that have reviewed the benefits of meditation, and I'm sure you've read one of them.

How to meditate with the help of boiled water pandan leaves perfume:
  • first save the boiled water earlier into the glass / container
  • put in the room or place that you will use for meditation
  • if in the room, you can turn off the lights to make it easier for you to concentrate and concentrate your mind.
  • one more, in order to more easily concentrate your mind and increase concentration you can add one more component that is a candle flame. What is the function of the flame of a candle in meditation? the benefit of returning to the philosophy of fire, yups fire is the symbol of life, we can eat by fire, we can drink because fire we need something because of the philosophy of fire in us, then how to control the fire within us, you can translate your own symbol of the flame.
  • please sit cross-legged, do this 10-15 minutes each time you meditate, can before activity or may also be done after doing activities like night before bed.
  • assisted by deep breathing and deep breathing / long.
  • do it regularly every day or every week, it's up to you, want 2 times a day or a week 2 times.
So many discussions for this time, hopefully with this article can tell information about stress and how to handle as well as heal it. Thank you ,, good regards and peace...!!

Thanks for reading & sharing Damar Lantera

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