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what is matcha green tea ?? And what are the benefits to organifi green juice powder ??

Posted by Damar Lantera on Friday, April 20, 2018

Role of Matcha Tea On "Organifi Green Juice Powder"

what is matcha green tea ?? And what are the benefits to organifi green juice powder ??
what is matcha? what matcha and green tea the same ?? then what are the benefits for the health of the body ?? and what role matcha on powder organifi green juice ?? That topic we will try to discuss in this article, we will try to clarify your views on matcha powder and matcha benefits for health.

Apparently matcha and green tea are 2 different things, (similar but not the same). Indeed Matcha is a form of green tea or green tea. But there are some differences in these two things that make them different from each other. 
Benefits Differences
Matcha also proved to have more benefits in the body than regular green tea. Most matcha contains more caffeine, poluphenols and antioxidants, and has more L-Theanine than regular green tea. Because of this, in some studies, Matcha is considered more capable to help burn fat, inhibit the appearance of cancer, and also can stimulate mental to be healthier. In addition matcha also has more chlorophyl content that makes detox power in matcha much better.

About the content of antioxidants, drink a cup matcha can be likened to eating three cups of green tea you know. It is said also antioxidant matcha higher than some types of vegetables. Matcha contains higher caffeine, polyphenols, and antioxidants (including EGCG) and L-Theanine more than the average green tea. Therefore, the researchers say that Matcha has the ability to burn fat higher, prevent cancer, clear the mind, increase concentration, counteract free radicals and improve body cells.

Different of color
Matcha powder is green, while green tea is yellowish. If brewed will also appear a significant color difference. Green tea will look like tea in general, but has a more clear color.

Price differences

Apparently the price was different anta matcha and green tea, matcha has a more expensive price, while green tea prices are more affordable. what makes it different ?? which makes matcha prices more expensive because matcha has its content. Matcha has a very good content for heart health, and famous for slimming the body. Ingredients include antioxidants, polyphenois, caffeine, and L-Theanine are richer than green tea.

When you consume green tea, you will usually brew this green tea in a glass or a pot of water, then remove the remaining green tea leaves or tea bags after the rest of the brewing. But if you eat matcha, then you really consume the entire green tea leaves that have been dried and made into fine powder. In the form of fine powder, matcha is usually used as a mixture of cakes, drinks, ice cream, until pudding. If you eat matcha, this means you consume all the good content and benefits that exist in the green tea leaves.

do you know the reason why products containing matcha always in demand in the market ??
The reason why the eye is always in demand in the market is because the content and benefits of matcha is very complete and efficient and multi functional in maintaining the health of the body.

the matcha hazard for health is unquestionable, because its antioxidant content (called polyphenols) is 10 times higher than most green tea. Antioxidants are substances that can prevent aging and prevent chronic diseases. Based on the research, Tuft University USA, with ORAC method (Oxigent Radical Absorbance Capacity) obtained antioxidant content matcha far beating the content of Pomegranates or Blueberry.

Vitamins, minerals, and fiber drinks are also useful for the detox process. Plus, Matcha has antioxidant content of Catechin EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate). Catechin EGCg contains cancer-fighting substances. And moreover this catechin can fight free radical substances resulting from pollution, UV rays, radiation and chemicals that can damage cells and DNA.

Increase concentration
In addition to containing chlorophyll macha also contains L-Thenine which can increase concentration, because L-Thenine can produce dopamine and serotin, so macha is also very suitable for you who are upset or lack of focus.

Energy and mood booster
One of the unexpected benefits of matcha drinkers is increasing energy. So by drinking matcha can help you through the day. This comes from the content of caffeine in matcha. Since you eat all the leaves in matcha, you may get three times more caffeine than a regular cup of tea. Even the Japanese soldiers entrusted Matcha as a refreshing drink in times of war.

Matcha lovers say that compared to caffeine from coffee, matcha can help relax and prevent stress. This is because Matcha is rich in L-Theanine. Actually L-Theanine is a common ingredient found in green tea / black tea. But in matcha its content about 5 times. And the added benefit is that L-Theanine is believed to help evoke mood and improve concentration, helping you stay focused.

Streamlining digestion
In addition to good to detoxify in the body will certainly be able to facilitate digestion, because basically the toxins that exist in the body, especially in the stomach will interfere with the digestive process, while when the digestive process is disturbed then that will be felt is constipation and may cause stomach acid. That's why green tea is very effective and useful to facilitate digestion. And clean up the dirt-dirt in digestion.

consuming matcha is perfect for you who want to do diet (lose weight)
This tea drink can also be used as a slimming progaram. Because matcha tea has very low calories. In addition, this tea can increase metabolism in the body and can increase fat burning. So that the calories will burn and the body will look more slender. This tea is very effective to use because it does not cause ketengangan on the body that will damage and make the body become pounding.

In addition to containing chlorophyll and L-Thenine macha also contains a lot of caffeine that can provide more energy in the body and will make the body more energetic and vibrant. Besides macha also meant a drink that is perfect for you who are doing a diet program because it can burn fat and increase the body's metabolism.

Able to detoxify the existing poison in the body
Macha tea can detoxify because the green color contained is very potent detoxify the poison. macha is better than ordinary green tea because macha has more content than ordinary green tea. In macha also has a content that can remove heavy metals that exist in our bodies

what products are made from matcha tea material ??
product which one of the mixture of matcha material is "ORGANIFI GREEN JUICE"
The product is highly recommended, even getting 4 star reviews on AMAZON's world leading trading site, and 4.7 stars on the EBAY website.

Then where can I buy ORGANIFI GREEN JUICE POWDER product?
very easy, if you want to know information about organifi green juice powder product and want to buy it, you can click the link below.

There we will explain our part of the composition of the content, benefits, of any ingredients present in Organifi Green Juice Powder.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read the review on the efficacy and benefits of matcha on Organifi Green Juice.

Thanks for reading & sharing Damar Lantera

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