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this is the secret of the benefits of turmeric herb for health

Posted by Damar Lantera on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The ability of efficacy of turmeric in treating various diseases, This is the Secret !!

this is the secret of the benefits of turmeric herb for health
Turmeric, the people of the world know his name, but in one place of origin from Indonesia, turmeric better known as Temulawak. Many benefits of curcumin contained in Turmeric. One of the earliest benefits of curcumin is as a powerful antioxidant.

"Curcumin medically delivers promising results because the attacks and oxidative damage are contributors to many diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, Arthritis and various cancers," said George Cole, a professor of medicine and neurology at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA who has done a lot of spice research.

The natural yellow pigment in turmeric has an excellent ability to protect the body from free radicals, which are the bad fats and fat-soluble compounds. Various free radicals can be overcome with bioactive curcumin present in turmeric. The effectiveness of curcumin is also very effective in the gastrointestinal tract, then this bioactive is useful to reduce carcinogenic compounds in the digestive tract.

Content of Substance At Turmeric

  • Minerals - magnesium iron, manganese, calcium, sodium, potassium, lead, zinc, cobalt, aluminum and bismuth
  • Other substances - Arabinose, fructose, glucose, starch, dammardan tannin
  • Essential oils - Contains 2-5% consisting of sesquiterpenes and phenylpropane derivatives of turmeron (aril-turmeron, alpha turmeron and beta turmeron), kurcumol curl, atlanton, bisabolen, sesquiflexandren, zingiberin, aril kurkumen, humulen.
  • Kurcuminoid dye - A diarylheptanoid compound of about 3-4% and which consists of Curcumin, dihydrochurcumin, desmetoxicurcumin and bisdesmetoxicurcumin.
Various testimonies presented by experts who have conducted tests on turmeric, the following are:

  • -According to Prof. HM Hembing Wijayakusuma, natural medicine expert, suggests, Antioxidant effect in turmeric serves to protect the body from dangerous free radical attack that can trigger cancer and other diseases. "The effect of antioxidants on turmeric is very strong compared to other types of rhizome, even stronger than vitamin E," said Hembing. That's because turmeric curcumin content is higher than other rhizomes. Can be seen from the rhizome meat yellow orange.

    Epidemiological studies of people who have high turmeric intake show a tendency to have cancer lower than those who are normal. Curcumin also helps create a glutathione anti-oxidant master.
  • Studies at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center that use mice as a control variable have shown that these spices can block the growth of skin cancer, melanoma, and inhibit the spread of breast cancer to the lungs.

    2004 study with rats showed that adding curcumin to Taxol, or paclitaxel, in chemotherapy commonly prescribed for breast cancer, can improve the effects of drugs, make less toxic therapies and produce equally strong results.

Benefits of turmeric for cancer prevention

The content of curcumin antioxidants in turmeric can help in protecting cells in the colon from the danger of free radicals that can damage DNA. Antioxidants can do cell replacement quite rapidly. This cell replacement may occur for approximately 3 days. Curcumin can help the body in destroying cancer cells. So the growth of a cancer can not spread throughout the body that can damage the body more severe.

Another curcumin mechanism that can protect the body from cancer development is by inhibiting protein synthesis that is considered to play a role in tumor formation. Curcumin also prevents the development of additional blood supply necessary for tumor growth. Turmeric has a more potent effect than the benefits of lemongrass leaves and may have an effect similar to the benefits of soursop leaves in killing cancer.

Prevent cancer with turmeric
Curcumin in turmeric is a very reliable carcinogenic antioxidant. The main active compound found in the turmeric is efficacious as anticancer.

In preventing cancer, curcumin has several activities as follows:
• Neutralize free radicals that are potentially damaging to DNA.
• Prevent mutagenic in smokers that can cause cancer.
• Increase the activity of 2nd phase enzyme by activating glutathioneee S-transferase performance.
• Stopping pre-cancer and suppressing the effects of enzymes that occur when cancer develops.
• Inhibits pro-inflammatory enzyme activity by improving glutathione performance.

Relieves pain from irritable bowel syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disease condition in which there is abnormal intestinal contraction, which affects colon work in the digestive system. Benefits of turmeric for this digestion, acts as a natural remedy that reduces abnormal muscle movement. With the content of vitamins, minerals and other fine chemicals, turmeric is able to relieve pain that result in diarrhea if kontraksiinya excessive.

Benefits of Turmeric For prevention of inflammation
this is the secret of the benefits of turmeric herb for health
Turmeric has a volatile oil content, this oil can be useful as an anti-inflammatory substance that can work significantly in various experimental and research. In fact, this volatile oil is stronger when compared to essential oils. The yellow color of this turmeric shows the presence of a substance called curcumin. This curcumin is considered the main pharmacological agent present in turmeric. According to many studies that have been done, anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin have been proven and comparable with hydrocortisone and phenylbutazone. Of all that, interestingly turmeric has no toxicity such as ulcer formation, decreased white blood cell count, and intestinal bleeding.

There are many other benefits of turmeric, in the country of origin turmeric widely used as the main ingredient of healthy herbal medicine, it has been done since ancient times hundreds of years ago.

Once known efficacy thanks to the results of research in various universities and by scientists. Then boom and turmeric increasingly recognized in the world, Proven by the number of health products, beauty products, whether in the form of cream, drinks, ointments, medicine and others.

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