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Ingredients Green Juice "Organifi"

Posted by Damar Lantera on Friday, April 6, 2018

Ingredients of Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice is a super healthy food with the benefits and complete benefits are converted into powder, special formula studied and made by Drew Canole who is none other than the founder website fitlive.tv, Organifi Green Juice contains 30 servings for 30 days, you can get super healthy meal with a myriad of benefits in one glass. Some of the benefits and benefits of green juice are among others to help the healthy diet process, helps the detoxification process of toxins in the body, enrich the body with healthy nutritional intake.

Organifi Green Juice is made from healthy natural organic ingredients to treat and maintain a healthy body, What exactly is the composition of Organifi Green Juice ?? Here's a little review about the efficacy and benefits of Organifi Green Juice:
  • Beets
Fruit Beets is one of the ingredients that become the composition of Organifi Green Juice, what are the benefits ???
  1. Natural food coloring
  2. Prevents anemia
  3. beetroot lowers high blood pressure
  4. Natural cleanser for kidney and bile
  5. Natural hair dye
  6. Reduces digestive problems
  7. Increased stamina
  8. May prevent hypertension
  9. Overcoming dandruff problem
  • Lemon
There are many websites that discuss about the benefits of lemon for health and beauty, here are just a few reviews about the benefits of lemon that I write from the many benefits, including:
  1. Boost the immune system
  2. Brain health
  3. Cleaning the intestines
  4. Prevent and treat acne
  5. Maintain digestive health
  6. Fight free radicals
  7. Stabilizes high blood pressure
  8. To lose weight
  9. Health and skin brightness
  10. Balances the acidity (pH) of the body
  11. Heart health and prevent stroke
  • Chlorella
Chlorella belongs to the genus of microalga that is single-celled green algae that live in wet place such as freshwater and sea, Chlorella breed by splitting. Chlorella is a complete food source, because Chlorella contains carbohydrate, protein, and all types of vitamin B, C, E, also contains iron, zinc and therefore Chlorella is considered as a supplement. what causes Chlorella is regarded as a supplement to none other because of the completeness of the composition of the content in it, Chlorella also has a high vitamin B12 content, and contains more chlorophyll pergramnya from any plant, this is one of the ingredients that become the main ingredient of Organifi green juice, other materials. Up here we can judge as good as Organifi Green Juice is not it ??

  • Mint
Many of us who only know the benefits of mint leaves just to add fragrances to food dishes, actually a lot of benefits from mint leaves, the following are:
  1. Good for digestion
  2. Improving the immune system
  3. Maintain healthy skin
  4. Reduce the risk of cancer
  5. As a deterrent or a free radical shield
  6. Good for eye health
  7. Reduce stress
  • Matcha Green Tea
Another ingredient of Oraganifi Green Juice is Matcha Green Tea. What is matcha Green Tea ?? quoted from various sources seba matcha and green tea it is something different you know.

indeed now matcha is very trendy, many people know matcha restaurant or in food outlets, because Matcha is widely used as an ingredient in food or snack because of its unique taste. Matcha and Green Tea also have different colors, but matching matcha and green tea is the benefit, which is the same as having the benefits and benefits to nourish the body, following efficacy matcha and green tea  :
  1. contains antioxidants
  2. preventing the emergence of cancer
  3. helps the detoxification process
  4. has L-Theanine
  5. helps the process of burning fat in the body
  • Moringa 
In some parts of the world moringa used as a material to fight the problem of malnutrition, what is the content of this moringa ?? how powerful is that of moringa?

Moringa contains large amounts of vitamin A, E, C, protein, calcium. Vitamin C contained in the moringa 7 times more than the lemon, Vitamin A 4 times more than carrots, calcium 4 times more than the milk, iron 3 times more than the spinach, and many greatness of this moringa .

  1. Lose weight
  2. Reduce cholesterol
  3. Overcome digestion, stomach problems
  4. Against various cancers
  5. Improve human and animal nutrition
  6. Reduces body inflammation
  7. Make body immune

Thanks for reading & sharing Damar Lantera

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